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Who You Are

MoneyStrongVT's services are specifically designed for individuals who are

ready to engage, learn and be empowered in their financial life.  We begin where you are.

Do you:

Want to have a non-judgmental money conversation?  No shame. no blame.

Imagine life without constant financial worries?

Live with loans on overload?

Use Credit Cards, but now....

Wonder why shopping is so much fun? It’s dopamine.

Why are credit scores important? How can I improve my score?

Wonder why I should save for retirement; I'm young

Want to have peace in your financial life?

Own a business and wonder what financial statements are for?

Most of us have never had a course in financial literacy.  Our lack of knowledge can have far reaching consequences.  Let's start the change today.

Our mission is to engage, equip, and empower every Vermonter to make the best economic decisions to live their
richest possible life.



Let's start transforming your financial life together!

Transforming lives through financial training & empowerment.

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