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Transforming the Financial Lives of Vermonters

The Secret to Financial Success

 There isn't one - at least that you can read and follow steps leading to guaranteed success. Financial success starts with you.  What is important to you?  What fuels your earning, saving and spending?

Financial planning is more than dollars and cents. The starting place is determining your priorities for today and tomorrow and matching your dollars to those priorities.

Sure, budgets can be a part of the plan but to enjoy long-lasting success, any plan (money, food, exercise, better health) needs to reflect a lifestyle -- what can you reasonably do and sustain?

At MoneyStrongVt, we combine financial expertise with money-coaching psychology. We help you create your money management plan that fits your life -- or desired life.   
No Guilt. No Shame. 
We begin where you are.

Our mission is to engage, equip, and empower every Vermonter to make the best economic decisions to live their
richest possible life.



Let's start transforming your financial life together!
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