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Financial Coacing for Entrepreneurs

Financial Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You have probably heard that “Cash is King” and “Know your Numbers.”  In business, no other saying could be more true. Financial management is the lifeline for any business. Of the top ten reasons for lack of success, six are directly related to financial planning.  We can help you maximize every dollar and learn how to use financial information to manage your business. 

for Women

Women’s life journeys are not only different than men’s, they are different than the life journeys of our mothers and grandmothers.  

At MoneyStrongVT we recognize that women are making progress personally and professionally but when it comes to finances, women still experience an emotional and financial cost due to lack of knowledge and confidence.  

In our Workshops for Women you will build a foundation of financial knowledge for everyday life.  In our judgment-free zone, we will demystify personal finance, accept all the “dumb questions” and journey together to build a rich life of financial confidence and clarity.

Workshops for Women
Pesonal Financial Coaching

Personal Financial Coaching

Financial education provides the knowledge and foundation and coaching provides the high-octane fuel to get you to your destination.


Using your own GPS (Goals for Planned Spending and Saving) you can easily plan for the journey and be well prepared for life's inevitable detours.


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